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K Swaminathan

I have been already getting your mail everyday specifying the events of the day. But, when I visited your website, I was thrilled to find out that I could unearth as many details as one would like have in the most concise manner, I suppose this was being complemented by Sri Kannan Our sincere thanks to you for all that we get benefitted from

24/11/2023- 05:12 am

Sabareeshan C.K

Amazing Coverage , a much needed show piece. Greatly Appreciated.

16/07/2023- 04:28 am

Kailash R

Much to be acknowledged. Events have been very well planned, organized and implemented.

19/12/2022- 04:28 am

Venkateswaran M

Wonderful and great effort in compiling all events. I am an active user of Chennai Event on weekends past 2 yrs.. Keep up the good work.

18/11/2022- 04:29 am

P R Mirali

Excellent compilation of daily events in Chennai. Great effort and very useful site. I am not able to subscribe. Please look into it.

11/09/2022- 04:29 am


An useful website for both the Rasika and artist

21/08/2022- 04:29 am

S Muralikrishnan

Highly useful. everyday morning I go through your mail containing list of events in our city. Hats off to your service. Good luck

22/12/2021- 10:01 pm

K G Babu

Team Chennai Events, I really appreciate your valuable time in organising schedule of the events with details and you are serving us in our doorstep through mail. I really thank for your mails and wish you to reach great heights.

22/12/2021- 10:04 pm


Great service rendered by your organization. Please do continue it in future. Dr.C.V.Gopal, Development Officer, LIC of India, Chennai ,India.

21/09/2021- 10:01 pm

S. Viswanathan

Providing highly useful list of Events regularly, promptly is very much appreciated. Thank you for sending correct information on a daily basis early in the morning.

04/03/2020- 12:00 am

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