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Ganesh Kumar - 25/12/2023- 05:15 am

Excellent Coverage of events. Very easy to follow and plan. Congratulations to you and your team.

K Swaminathan - 24/11/2023- 05:12 am

I have been already getting your mail everyday specifying the events of the day. But, when I visited your website, I was thrilled to find out that I could unearth as many details as one would like have in the most concise manner, I suppose this was being complemented by Sri Kannan Our sincere thanks to you for all that we get benefitted from

Sabareeshan C.K - 16/07/2023- 04:28 am

Amazing Coverage , a much needed show piece. Greatly Appreciated.

Kailash R - 19/12/2022- 04:28 am

Much to be acknowledged. Events have been very well planned, organized and implemented.

Venkateswaran M - 18/11/2022- 04:29 am

Wonderful and great effort in compiling all events. I am an active user of Chennai Event on weekends past 2 yrs.. Keep up the good work.

P R Mirali - 11/09/2022- 04:29 am

Excellent compilation of daily events in Chennai. Great effort and very useful site. I am not able to subscribe. Please look into it.

Prabhakaran - 21/08/2022- 04:29 am

An useful website for both the Rasika and artist

S Muralikrishnan - 22/12/2021- 10:01 pm

Highly useful. everyday morning I go through your mail containing list of events in our city. Hats off to your service. Good luck

K G Babu - 22/12/2021- 10:04 pm

Team Chennai Events, I really appreciate your valuable time in organising schedule of the events with details and you are serving us in our doorstep through mail. I really thank for your mails and wish you to reach great heights.

Dr.C.V.Gopal - 21/09/2021- 10:01 pm

Great service rendered by your organization. Please do continue it in future. Dr.C.V.Gopal, Development Officer, LIC of India, Chennai ,India.

S. Viswanathan - 04/03/2020- 12:00 am

Providing highly useful list of Events regularly, promptly is very much appreciated. Thank you for sending correct information on a daily basis early in the morning.

Mythili Kirupananda Vari - 03/03/2020- 12:00 am

Namaskaram, I greatly appreciate this initiative which is very helpful for us to find the events at all the corners of Chennai. This is just an suggestion, please excuse if this is not appropriate. This would be very helpful for us if the mail is sent a day before the event, I mean every evening for the next day schedule, which would help us to even attend the earlier programs, if we come to know. Please see if this is possible at your end. Thank you so much.

Ramanathan N - 27/02/2020- 12:00 am

Programme schedules are very useful as it helps me to plan taking part in such events (as I need to travel far from City - Guduvancheri near Chengalpat.

Mohana - 11/02/2020- 12:00 am

Happy to receive daily updates

N S Renganathan - 27/01/2020- 12:00 am

Well collated information !!! Good work.

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